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In this issue

– Preparing your business for sale

– Providing for your family in your Will

– Employee burnout 

– Avoiding scams

In this issue

– Commercial Leases: Reinstatement obligations for tenants

– Pre-settlement property inspection: The week before settlement

– Finance condition in the agreement

– LIM condition

– Building report condition

In this issue

– The Budget 2024 a no-frills outlook

– Can losses be recovered from a faulty building?

– Five companies sentenced over Whakaari/White Island eruption

– Navigating financial distress

– Commerce Commission win over Viagogo

In this issue

– Significant Natural Areas: Suspended while government overhauls RMA

-Live animal exports: Government intends to lift the ban

-Contract grazing

-90-day trial periods available again for all employers

-Minimising phosphorus in waterways

In this issue

– Invoices not being paid on time?

– Personal grievances – Employers must act in good faith

– Receiving an inheritance during your relationship

-Do I still need a trust?

In this issue

– Commercial leasing and landlord consent

– Easements. Rights of way, draining sewerage and water, and conveying utilities

– Property briefs: Bright-line test changes, RMA legislation, Rental and tenancy updates

In this issue

– Making a bequest to a charity

– Estates and guarantees

– Can your ex-spouse claim your property when you die?

In this issue

– Trial periods vs. probation periods

– Whakaari/White Island eruption

– Cartel conduct: New Zealand’s first ever criminal cartel prosecution 

– Privacy proposals for biometrics

– New reporting obligations for large businesses

In this issue

– National, ACT and New Zealand First coalition. What can agriculture expect?

– Three Waters and Resource Management Act 1991 replacement legislation to be repealed

– Family home v homestead: implications for relationship property

– Road user charges: when to pay them?

– Casual employees v seasonal workers

In this issue

– Proposed changes to the Retirement Villages Act 2003

– What happens to your children when you separate?

– Generative AI and copyright

– Receivership, voluntary administration and liquidation

In this issue

– What happens if your builder goes bust?

– Alternative methods to sell your property.

– Property briefs: First Home partner scheme on pause. Council delays for property developers. Short term accommodation, take care

In this issue

– Mainzeal decision, major implication for company directors

– New retention monies legislation gives better protection

– Start preparing for the Incorporated Societies Act 2022

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