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In this issue:

– Co-owing a property: Think about having a property sharing agreement

– Land covenants: Rules on how you can use your land

– Property briefs: Healthy homes standards have changed – Rent relief for commercial tenants – Rising interest rates causing anxiety

In this issue

– Options out of the ETS for the primary sector.

– Forestry update  

– Russia Sanctions Act: impact on the rural sector

In this issue

– Resource consents. What are they and when do you need one?

– Not sure of your boundary? Remedies if there is an encroachment. 

– Property briefs


In this issue

– Gift or Loan? The importance of properly documenting advances between family members.

– Caring for Kiwis who cannot make decisions for themselves. Comparing with Britney Spears’ conservatorship.

– Where there is a will, what is the way? A parent dies, but the child is unaware of the death.


In this issue

– Contractors, a veritable minefield of employment law

– Grounding your jet-setters

– Business Briefs 


In this issue

– Defining a de facto relationship

– Lockdown rent relief – are there remedies?

– Working from home

In this issue

– Disputes in contracts

– Caveats

– Property briefs

In this issue

– Bonding Agreements

– Lease vs. Licence

– Business briefs

In this issue

– Buying your first home using KiwiSaver funds

– Estate laws due for a shake-up

– Britney Spears’ conservatorship

In this issue

– Significant Natural Areas

– Buying or Leasing Maori land

– Climate change commission: carbon farming

– Dairy worker border exception process 

In this issue

– Buying off the plans

– To trust or not to trust  

– post Covid working world

In this issue

– Recent property tax changes

– Clarity around fixtures and fittings 

– Government housing package

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